Good Girl, Bad Girl
Episode Season 1, Episode 1
Overall episode 1
Date released 6 September, 2010
Length 3:28
Edition Sassy girl
Artiste Miss A
Character(s) featured Simon, Martina
English rating 5
Dance Sassy dance
Meme(s) featured None
Showdown opponent T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You
Showdown result Won
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The first episode of Kpop Music Mondays was a review of Miss A's music video, "Good Girl, Bad Girl". It was released on 6 September, 2010, and featured Simon, Martina & Spudgy. This episode was called the "Sassy girl edition".

Background Edit

Until September 2010, content on the Eat Your Kimchi blog and Simon and Martina YouTube channel, consisted mainly of how-to guides on life in Korea.

Introduction Edit

Simon starts the video off by explaining the rationale behind starting the Kpop Music Mondays series, saying:

Mondays: no matter where you are in the world, Monday's tend to suck, so we decided to create Music Mondays to uplift our spirits. Every week we're going to review a Kpop music video. Some will be new, some will be old, but all will be awesome.

The video Edit

Simon states that his favorite part of the video is the flexibility of the members of Miss A, whom Martina tries to imitate, albeit awkwardly.

The dance Edit

Although Simon and Martina did not officially coin a name for the dance, they described their favorite part as the "sassy" part, hence the dance is presumptively called the "Sassy dance".

The English Edit

The episode also saw the introduction of an "English meter" as a gauge to rate the level of fluency in the English of a song (and sometimes content of a music video). Simon describes it as "a complex device using special complicated algorithms to calculate the use of English in the song", on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being "Totally Makes Sense" and 1 being "I don't get it?!" The English meter uses a blue cursor on the first episode, but changes to a translucent cursor from the 2nd episode onwards.

Good Girl Bad Girl English Meter

Simon introduces the English meter.

Miss A were given a 5 out of 5 for the English in the song.

The showdown Edit

The first showdown pitted Miss A against T-ara's I Go Crazy Because of You, on which video was sassier. It was announced in the following episode that Miss A won.

Outro Edit

Spudgy is seen 'dancing', as his movements are manipulated by Simon, who simultaneously mouths the catchphrase "You don't know me, you don't know me, so shut up boy, so shut up boy". A link to the Eat Your Kimchi website appears at the bottom of the screen as well.

Good Girl Bad Girl Spudgy Outro

Spudgy 'dances' to the song.

Notes Edit

Martina mentions in the video that her favorite part is the pink hair belonging to half of Miss A's Chinese duo, Jia. She then deadpans and states, "Not that I like pink," while being dressed in a pink sweater, sporting a pink bag. It is important to note that Martina would later dye her hair pink, sporting mild pink highlights, starting from the July 4, 2011 episode of Kpop Music Mondays, 42 episodes later.

Good Girl Bad Girl Martina Wears Pink

Martina sports a pink bag in her pink outift. Totally not a fan of pink.