Nasties is the name for the Eat Your Kimchi fandom! The fandom name Nasty came from a joke Simon made in Hyuna's, Bubble Pop on Kpop Music Monday.

Each country is separated into different regions (color/patterns/etc.) to give a better idea where people are from.

The Nasty saying, "Ayy girl can I buy you a drink?" came from the Kpop Music Monday video, JYJ's song "Ayyy Girl. Common quotes said are:

  • "Ooh You so Nasty"
  • "Ayyy girl can I buy you a drink?"
  • "You Nasty You"

Trivia! Edit

  • After the Eat Your Kimchi app was discontinued fellow Nasties opened up their own group account on the Amino App called Eat Your Kimchi. It's purpose is to connect with those they had made friends with on the original app, as well as discuss other things relating to Eat Your Kimchi/Sushi, Kpop, & more.

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