Rose Gambrel was the web developer for Eat Your Kimchi. Her home town is Vancouver, Canada.

Rose is a dancer and has been in a few K-Pop MVs including AoA's Heart Attack, Girls' Generation's Lionheart, and Super Junior's Devil.

Rose was the co-host of the Youtube channel The Something Show, with Antoine. The channel included vlogs, dance videos, and videos about their lives in Korea.


What Happened to Rose Drunk Driving in Korea

What Happened to Rose Drunk Driving in Korea

In April 2015, Martina and Simon were walking on the street that occurred the accident (check out the video on the right). It is only 30 seconds away from their studio. They were walking with three of their friends: Angelina, Amanda, and Rose. As Martina and Simon were up ahead, Rose was a little bit behind them. When a drunk driver pulled out of the parking lot, not only hitting Rose, but physically drove his wheels over her chest. Simon said: "It was definitely the most traumatic experience we’ve ever been through in Korea, it’s definitely the scariest. Something that Martina’s still not very comfortable re-living or talking about...". Simon revealed that the drunk driver blood alcohol level is 0.138 (Korea legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05).