In 2014 Martina and Simon opened the You Are Here Cafe with Talk to Me In Korean in Seoul, South Korea. Its purpose was to enjoy a good snack & drink, meet other people, as well as practice Korean in a comfortable place.

  • Due to difficulties when Simon & Martina moved, they stopped taking apart in the coffee shop. The Speakers Corner has been discontinued.

Speakers Corner. Edit

The Speakers Corner was a video segment set inside a video booth inside the cafe. People from around the world answer different types of questions. Later the videos would be imported to their Youtube channel.

Trivia: Edit

  • The recipes used were all created by Martina.
  • AKMU, as well as some Youtubers, have appeared in the Speakers Corner videos.
  • The You Are Here Cafe has changed locations. Their Facebook Page has more details.

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Video Example Edit

Speaker's Corner- Cross Cultural Dating

Speaker's Corner- Cross Cultural Dating

Video featuring the Youtubers, My Korean Husband.